Soundview Live

The Self-Evolved Leader

Time: Thursday, January 14
Speaker: Dave McKeown
Motivation & Engagement
Decision Making & Problem Solving

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Join leadership expert, and of The Self-Evolved Leader, Dave McKeown as he dispels many leadership mindsets and approaches that are no longer effective in our organizations.

In this Soundview Live webinar, Dave provides a compelling case that leadership should be focused on achieving the team's common goals, outlining the three key steps to make the transition from Heroic Leadership to Self-Evolved Leadership.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to stop working in the weeds and think more strategically.
  • How to build empowerment deep in your team.
  • How to free up your headspace to be more creative.
  • How to deliver lasting results for your team and organization.

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About the Speaker:

Dave McKeown is the CEO of Outfield Leadership where he speaks, coaches, and trains on building leadership excellence at every level of an organization. He has a wealth of experience in connecting individual and team performance to improved business results with a particular focus on fast-growing, complex organizations.

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